What Sets Venice Lash apart from the rest?

Applying extensions is a highly technical and skilled procedure. A bad extension job can be painful and damage your lashes. Unlike some of our competition, our technicians train for months, are held to strict quality-control standards, and use the safest products. Our combination of great skill and excellent products will show in the longevity and the beautiful, natural appearance and feel of your lashes.

lash extensions

How long will my extensions last?

Most clients come in every 2-3 weeks for fill ins. Your eyelashes shed naturally and have shedding phases, so fall out will happen & is completely normal.

What is the difference between Volume and Classic extensions?

CLASSIC: These are individual lashes that result in a more natural look. Our artists place 80-90 individual lashes on each eye to achieve this style.

VOLUME: Rather than applying individual lashes, we take several lashes to form a fan, then apply those to achieve a more dramatic appearance.

*All eyes are different & both styles come in different lengths and thicknesses* 

Can I wear eyeliner with extensions?

Cream/Liquid/Shadow is perfectly fine to wear! However, waxy and twist eyeliner pencils will react with the glue and cause the extensions to shed faster.

Do I still need mascara with extensions?

Nope! Whether you get Classic or Volume extensions, you will be able to see a noticeable difference in your lash appearance (#MascaraIsSoYesterday). We do not recommend wearing mascara at all, but if you feel the need you can use it on your lower lashes. 

What's the difference between 30 minute and 1 hour fill in's?

30 MINUTE: This is the most popular session. Most clients schedule 30 minute appointments every 2 to 3 weeks, depending on how well their lashes held.

This fill is perfect for clients who still have at least half of their extensions still attached. If you do not have at least half your lashes, this fill may not be enough to bring your lashes back to a Full Set.

1 HOUR: This is perfect if your lashes don't hold up as well, or you'd prefer to come in less frequently.

This fill is for the client that wants to get their lashes back to their FULLEST. If you have gone over 2 weeks & have less than half of your extensions, this fill is for you. This is also great if you're coming back from a trip or the beach!

What is Sealer?

Think of a clear mascara. Our sealer helps cure the bond of your extensions and your natural lashes, aids in the longevity of your lashes, as well as nourishes your natural lash. This is especially important if you have oily skin or are in hot/humid weather.  We recommend applying it 30 minutes before sun exposure and exercising.

lash lifts & tints

How long will my lift & tint last?

A Lash Lift is a perming method that lasts 4-6 weeks, giving the eyes definition without having to go with mascara. No extensions are used in this service.

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